Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy 5th Anniversary Super Junior

Greetings . Eh , masih sempat kan nak wish Super Junior 5th Anniversary ? Alahai ~ Apa punya E.L.F laa nie kan ? Biar laa , " Saya seorang E.L.F yang sejati tak kira masa atau tempat atau waktu atau sewaktu dengannya , nak wish jugakk " .

Super Junior Oppa , Happy 5th Anniversary . We E.L.F we're always by your side . No matter what it takes , we always here to support you .

5 years , 1825 days , 43800 hours , 2628000 minutes , 157680000 seconds , 4 subgroups , 3 tours , 4 albums , 13 members , ONE LOVE 

Super Junior

Super Junior Happy

Super Junior Trot

Super Junior Mandarin

Super Junior Kyuhyun Ryeowook Yesung 

Five years have passed since Super Junior was born
Five years ago today, they knew that they would ‘do well’
despite voices worrying whether if they really could.

With each step full of passion and effort,
they became the ‘first’
as they stepped out into
different genres to sing, to act, to MC, to DJ
Reaching out to Asia and the world outside of Korea

And have now grown into the “Super Junior” that represents Korea

Their proud steps are now just beginning
We will be with them into the future

The executives and staff members of SM Entertainment
congratulate Super Junior’s five year anniversay with one heart

 Saphire Blue E.L.F

E.L.F always LOVE you SUPER JUNIOR .