Sunday, January 17, 2010

# 105 MF Birthday

Oke, I post this entry a little ealier.

I want to wish Heppy Birthday to my friend 'Erna Karina'.

Her birthday is going to be tomorrow *18Jan* AHAK

I make this entry special for your birthday, but sorry there will be a prank when we get to school this Tuesday.

*watch out geng , hoho

Nasib baik dye x de tenet nk bace belog ak nie lagi. AHAHA (gelak kejap)

Jahatnye kau. Ihikhik :)

I think there will be a chocolate biscuit cake. Ah, ape tuh?

And what type of prank that I will do? Jaga-jaga aku ada bnyk pranks.

And 1 thing left, ari tu ak rasa ak dh tnya dah kan ERNA.

sowoneul malhaebwa
(tell me your wish)!

saranghae <3